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Jacinto Rodríguez Munguía





Visiting Scholar, Harvard University. David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies. (2015-2016)
Tinker Visiting Professor (2011), and Mexican Center Research Associate, University of Texas, Austin.

Editorial Sub-director of the magazine: Emeequis.

Candidate to be Teacher in Ibero-American Literature for the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters in the UNAM.

Member of the Colectivo de Análisis de la Seguridad con Democracia, A. C. (Casede). One of the “Think Tanks”, in agreement to the University of Pennsylvania.

Member of: Seminary about “Violence and Peace” of El Colegio de México, Dr. Sergio Aguayo coordinates.

Radio Host, during three years, of the program Zigma Periodistas (about Freedom of Expression in Mexico), Iberoamericana University.

Coordinator of Press and Democracy Program (2008-2011), Open Society Institute-Iberoamericana University.

Bachelor in Sciences of the Communication, Autónoma Metropolitana University.

Published Work
The Other Secret War. The Prohibited Files of the Press and the Power.
Debate-Random House Mondadori, 2007.

1968, All the Culprits, Debate-Random House Mondadori, 2008.

The Secret Payrolls of Government, 2004, edited by Libertad de Información México,

Indicators for quality Journalism, edited by Prensa y Democracia and the Organization of American States (OAS).

The Years that We Were, co-authored with Fritz Glockner. A Study of the Social Movements in the Years 60’s and 70’s.

Why do They Hate Us so much? co-author, edited by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Colombia.

Lines of Investigation
Intellectuals, Press and Power/ Freedom of Expression/ Student Movement of 1968/ Devices of Intelligence-Dirty War/ Historic Files.

Seminaries imparted by me:

  • Journalism and Espionage: How to investigate in the files of the politic devices of the police?
  • From the Invisible Tyranny to the Perfect Dictatorship. The Relations of the Press and the Power in Mexico.
  • Cinema and Journalism.
  • Intellectuals and Power in Mexico.
  • Journalism of Investigation.

Mass media in which I have published
Founder of the magazine: Milenio.

Founder of: Milenio Diario.

Collaborator of: “Enfoque”, supplement of Reforma newspaper.

Collaborator of the magazine: Proceso.

Collaborator of the newspaper: El Universal.

Founder and collaborator of: La Revista by El Universal.

Founder and editorial coordinator of the independent magazine: Emeequis.

Collaborator of the magazine: Newsweek.

Collaborator of the digital newspaper: El País.

International Lecturer
International Meeting about Investigate Journalism, June 2006.

International Meeting about Openness and Freedom of Expression, September 2007.

Third International Meeting of Journalism, The New Forms of Journalism (International book fair, Guadalajara, Mexico).

Openness and Investigate Journalism, September 2008.

Second Conference about Strategies of Support for the Journalists in Colombia, Organized by the FNPI and the Antonio Nariño Foundation, November 2008.

Historic Files and Democracy, October 2008.

Texas University, Austin.
Press and Power in Mexico. From the Invisible Tyranny to the Perfect Dictatorship, March 2009.

Bogotá, Colombia.
The Vigilance of the Power. Authors and Editors of Journalism in Latin America. Foundation for the New Ibero-American Journalism, August 2009.

Texas University, Austin.
The Role of Intellectuals in the Transition to Democracy in Mexico, 2012.

The Global Investigative Journalism Conference, 2013.

San Diego University, USA.
Liberate under Word, at the Center for U.S.- Mexican Studies.

Some International Consulting
Mexico ’68. A Movement, a Massacre and the 40-year search for the Truth.
The National Public Radio.

Member of the Juror for the prize: Foundation for the New Ibero-American Journalism.

Teachers and Workshops
Workshop of Journalistic Chronicle, by Alma Guillermo Prieto and Gabriel García Márquez, Guadalajara, Mexico 1997.

Workshop of Narrative Journalism, by Tomás Eloy Martínez, Chile 2004.

Workshop of Investigate Journalism, by Daniel Santoro, México 2006.

Workshop of Investigate Journalism, by María Teresa Ronderos, México 2008.

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